New Perspective
(F. Kerr 2004) Sdlg. 9701201. TB 42" M. (Desert Lullaby X Fairmont) This seedling caused a sensation when it won the Best Seedling Award in Walnut Creek, CA. In spite of the "buzz" about it on the web, I decided to hold it from introduction for an additional year in order to be sure of plenty of stock. New Perspective has no standards, but it does have six falls. The number of style arms varies from three to nine or more. Usually there are no anthers, but plants under stress may have fewer style arms and normal anthers. The pollen is fertile. Only a few seeds are produced when New Perspective is used as a pod parent in my experience. The color is medium blue violet, lighter at the edges of the falls. Very well ruffled with yellow beards. Three branches and a terminal and it can open four large flowers at a time. Strong stalks. HM 2007 $5.