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2021 General Daylily Listing

Previous Rainbow Acres Introductions 

*Bubblegum Delicious  (Kelly Mitchell 2010)  A fluffy, beautiful white edge on this crystal clear white-based  bright pink.  Double fan. $15.00
*Dan Mack Mitchell  (Kelly Mitchell  2009)  The creme de la creme of my blue-eyed and edged flowers to date and named for my father.   A very large  flower of the most extraordinary color clarity.  A violet base with a blue eye and  double edge.  Double fan. $15.00

2021 General Listing

*ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN (Emmerich13)   28" m sev 6” re   5-way branching  Dark pink lavender with etched gray lavender eye; gray lavender plus ivory plus yellow edge; yellow to green throat. Great opener in the low 60’s. Extremely good parent. Double fan. $35.00 
*BLUEGRASS SHADOWS (Pierce G 14) 37" em ev 6.5" re a wonderful rich purple with silver blue watermark encircled with a large silver-blue and gold to white double edge.
Very pretty.  Double fan. $45.00.  Limited.  
*BORN TO BE WILD (Pierce, G.) 32" em sev 6.25" re 6 way branching, 35-40 buds. 
Cream white base with purple eye, double edge of purple and chartreuse above green throat. Best picotee I've seen.  Amazing. Double fan.  $25.00
*BRAGGING RIGHTS (Pierce G. 17) 40" e sev 6.75" re Dark purple with a faint bluish eye. Lemon lime waxy appliqué on a flat face.  Double fan. $20.00.
CHERRIES GO ROUND (Pierce G. 18) 30' EE DOR 7" re dark cherry red with large watermelon watermark.  Glowing green throat. Ruffled with slight white edge.  Great clear color. Single fan. $25.00
*DANCING FLAMINGO (Pierce G. 16) 46" ee ev 8" re rich rose pink with higher watermark and white edge.  Single fan. $25.00 Double fan $40.00
*DUELING COLORS (Pierce G. 16) 42" em ev 6.5" re light orchid with dark purple edge and wide gold and dark purple edge. Bold.  Double fan. $35.00
*ELITE STOCK (Goff 16) 30" e sev 6" re Pink with red eye and massive edge. One of the best edged ones.  Dynamite parent.  Have many seedlings from it.  Single fan $20.  Double fan $35.00.
*FACE THE FIRE (Floyd Cove fall 11) 45" m ev 7" re spectacular huge red with ruffles and very large cream gold edge.  Double fan. $20.00
*GOING BIG TIME (Pierce G. 14) 42" e ev 7" Huge flower with orchid pink base and dark purple eye and double edge of purple and gold.  Very full flower with great form.
Double fan.  $35.00
*GREEN VOLCANO (Pierce G. 17) 34" ee sev 7.5" celery green with cherry picotee completely diamond dusted.  Big and pretty. One of my favorites.  Single fan.$35.00
*GUY'S SWAN SONG (Pierce 16) 30" ee sev 6.5" re Heavily diamond dusted near white, yellow ruffled edge.  Deep green throat extending halfway onto petals, heavy substance. Single fan. $35.00
*HAPPY GO RUFFLES (Pierce G. 20) 35" em ev 7.5" re huge red with heavy  ruffling, wide petals, and heavy gold to yellow and white edging.  Great Color.  Holding for increase.May have a few by April.  Inquire if maybe interested.
*HIGH MOUNTAIN DEW(Pierce G. 19) 40" ee sev 8.5" re huge lemon lime with very ruffled
yellow green edge.  Imposing. Single fan. $35.00  Double fan. $50.00
*KING OF REDS (Pierce 17) 40" e sev 7.25" reUnusual form crispate-spatulate.  Rich red with huge green throat.Double fan $35,00
*LIGHTNING ROUND (Pierce G. 18) 32" em sev 7" near white with pink and heavily ruffled gold edge. Single fan  $35.00
*LUMINOUS INTENTIONS (Pierce G. 16) 34" em ev 6.25" re Cream white base with raspberry watermark eye  and edged in raspberry with thick gold edge.  Wonderful parent. Double fan. $25.00
*MADAM SECRETARY(Pierce 19) 30" ee sev 7.5" re bright bubble gum pink with large, diamond dusted triangular green throat bisecting the petals. Ruffled edge. Single fan. $30.00  Double fan. $50.00 
*MASTER AND BOLD RULER  (Pierce G 17) 40" em ev  9.5" re Gigantic full form daylily!
Deep purple with lighter watermark and double edge of white and gold. I never thought they would get full form daylilies this big.  Incredible flower whether hybridizing or not.
Has been an easy pod parent for me here in California. Planted many seeds.
Single fan.  $65.00 Double fan $110.00
*MAX FACTOR  (Pierce G. 15) 42" em ev 8" re big dark violet purple with white edge.
Makes a statement.  Sets pods easily.  Double fan. $35.00
*NEW DAY SUNSHINE (Pierce G 14) 44" e ev 7.5" re 6 way branching, 35 buds
Huge ruffled yellow.  Absolutely spectacular.  Double fan. $25.00
*PICASSO’S INTRIGUE (Pierce G 14) 34" e ev 6.25" re   6 way branching, 40 buds
Orchid base with black purple eye and edge outlined with white ruffles above green throat. Great color clarity. Double fan. $35,00
*PINK EXTRAORDINAIRE (Pierce G. 16) 42" em ev 7.75" hot pink with lighter pink watermark and large gold and white edge. Heavy substance Single Fan. $25.00 
Double fan $40.00
*QUOTING HEMINGWAY (Pierce 16) 40" e sev 7.5" medium purple outlined  in silver blue shadow with very large bubbly ruffles in white, yellow and gold.  Large silver blue watermark. Extraordinary flower. Single fan. $35.00 
*RADIANT RED EYES (Pierce G. 18) 42" em sev 7" re strawberry pink with large deep red eye with narrow red edge.  Very pretty. Single fan. $20.00 Double fan. $35.00
*RASPBERRY MINT SOBERT  (Pierce G. 20) 37" ee sev-dor 8" re very large flowers of dark cerise rose pink.  Lighter watermark and edge in light green yellow to white. Imposing.
Hold for increase. May have a few in April. Inquire if  interested.
*RED LOBSTER (Pierce G. 16) 37" em ev 6.5" re red with lighter red eyesore above yellow green throat, gold ruffled edge.  Double fan. $20.00
*RICH AND HANDSOME (Pierce 16) 42" em ev 6" re Orchis base with bold bluish patterned eye outlined in raspberry.  Triple edge.  Double fan. $20.00 
*ROYAL  RHUMBA (Pierce G. 16) 40" e sev 6.5" re True red  with large ruffled edging in yellow and gold. Double fan. $35.00 
*RUGGED RAVEN (Pierce G. 19) 35" em sev 7" re cream white with black purple eye and matching edge, rimmed in white. Large edge. stunning Single fan. $35.00 Double fan. $60.00
*SHIMMERING DAWN (Pierce G. 14) 40" em ev 6" re near white with sparkling gold ruffled edge.  Wonderful scape here with many buds.  Double fan. $45.00
*STARRY STARRY NIGHT (Pierce G. 14) 38" ee ev 7.75" re   monstrous  orchid cream with black purple eye and double edge of black purple and gold edge. Double fan. $50.00
*SUBLIME SPLENDOR (Pierce 17) 33" ee ev 6.75" re Waxy Yellow lime with olive center. Wonderful form. Gets attention.  Single fan $20.00 Double fan. $35.00
*SWEET COTTON CANDY (Pierce G 14) 32" ee sev 6.5" re  9157   8 way branching  45 buds  Big cotton candy pink with huge wide green yellow edge, green throat.  One of the biggest edges I've seen in my garden.  Double fan. Holding for increase
*TWO STEPS FORWARD (Pierce G. 16) "45"ev em 7.5"re rich purple with large white very ruffled edge. Huge flower. Single fan.  $35.00  Double fan $50.00
*VIVID ACCENTS    (Pierce G.20) 35" em ev 6.75" re  white cream base with jagged, multicolored eye of dark and light purples and raspberry.  Has matching triple edge with green throat.  May have a few in April.  Inquire if interested.  
*WHIRLING WHITE   (Pierce G. 18) 40" em sev 7" re big flat ruffled white. Single fan. $35.00 Double fan. $50.00
*WIZARD OF AWE (Pierce G. 17) 30"  em sev 6.25" re rose purple with lighter watermark,
green throat and nice yellow green edge. Single fan $20.00 Double fan. $35.00

                                                    Key to abbreviations:
re--recurrent  dor--dormant  sev--semi-evergreen  ev--evergreen  e--early   
m--midseason  l--late fr--fragrant vfr--very fragrant  *--denotes tetraploid. dbl.--double
The number after the hybridizer’s name is the year it was introduced to the public for sale. 
Ordering Information
    Our state inspected garden is located in Northern California.  Our soil is a clay loam that the lilies like very well.  I use crop rotation to keep the soil healthy.  We get sustained cold during the winter with many nights of frost.  I have yet to have a dormant not perform well for me.  They do get enough cold.  We grow about every kind of deciduous fruit tree and they do very well.  We have shipped plants to Ohio, Wisconsin,  Kansas. Utah, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and various other "cold winter"  states.  The plants have acclimated very well to these regions so don't be afraid to try us because you think the plants come from too warm a climate.  
    We ship priority mail unless otherwise requested.  There is a $15.00 shipping fee plus 1.00 per plant  priority mail west of Mississippi River and $15.00 plus $1.50 per plant east of the Mississippi River.  Shipping is becoming very expensive as the postal service has raised rates again.  Our shipping dates are from April 15th, weather permitting, to September 15th.   Minimum order is $35.00 exclusive of tax and shipping charges. 
   Plants will be freshly dug and of blooming size. Single fans will be sent on those so indicated.  A few of the newer ones will have a single and double fan price. All other varieties will be double fans or better. You will be hard pressed to find lower prices on a lot of these daylilies.  Bonus is ultimately my choice but if you send a good, long wish list your chances of getting a bonus you request are very good. I  will substitute only if so instructed. If you do allow substitutions, you will find I always substitute of equal or greater value -- usually greater. California residents please include 7.50% sales tax. We accept checks or money orders.  We can also accept orders through Paypal.
Happy Gardening, Kelly Mitchell