(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdg. No. 05-003-1. Tall bearded 36" Midseason ((Next Millennium x (Lena Baker x Let's Boogie)) X New Day Dawning) There are too few yellow patterns in tall bearded iris but French Lessons adds one more. The pattern is not easy to describe. The inside of the standards is white with a yellow edge, while the outside of the standards is yellow with an inner edge of white and an outer edge of yellow. The pattern on the falls challenges the describer even more. The falls are mostly yellow with and inner edge of white and a wire edge of yellow. There is a white blaze from the end of the beards almost to end of the falls. The white blaze has some heavy yellow veins. Sometimes there are narrow blue veins in the center of the fall. Garden effect is a happy sunny variety that could add interest to any garden. $8.00 
French Lessons