OCEAN LINER (KEPPEL 17) TB 34" e-mid Lavender blue standards deepening in center with darker veining.  Falls are Lavender blue with overall deeper veining.  Highly ruffled $12

ORGANZA (BLYTH 15) TB 36" e-mid  Pure white standards.  Fall are white overlaid with violet wash and a 1/4" edge  Ruffled  $9

ORINOCO FLOW (BARTLETT 93) BB 25" e-mid white standards, heavily stitched deep purple blue on edge.  White falls with heavy purple blue markings on hafts.  Plicata $8

OUTCASTE (SMITH M 15.) TB 33" e-mid  Peach standards becoming apricot yellow up midrib blends to cream edges.  Falls are tawny buckskin with pale golden cream edges  $9

OVER DRINKS (SCHREINER 16) TB 41" mid-l  Dusky cream standards with purple on midribs.  Dark maroon on falls blending to red lavender mauve on edges, white medial line  $10

PAINTED SHADOWS (KEPPEL 15) TB 37" mid-l  Suphur yellow standards, foxglove midrib on inner side only.  Falls are petunia purple falls paling with age to pearl grey 3/8" edge.  Bubble ruffled.  $10

PAINTED WORDS (BLYTH 15) TB 34" e-mid Butterscotch standards with magenta wash.  Falls are rose magenta with 3/8" butterscotch band. Bubble ruffled  $9

PRETTY KITTY (KEPPEL 11) TB 34" very late Peach pink blooms. Nice ruffling  $8

POEM OF ECTASCY (HAGER 97) TB 36" mid clear peach pink standards.  deep lavender falls ruffled  $8

QUANTUM LIGHT ( BLYTH 15) TB 36" very early White standards, bright lemon yellow falls with 1/16" cream edge.  Ruffled $9

RADIANT GARNET (BLACK 19) TB 33" mid Magenta standards with darker veins.  Ruby garnet falls.  Bubble ruffled  $18

RAINBOW ROAD (KEPPEL 19) TB late Pale blue standards, medium blue falls slightly paler near hafts.  Neglecta  $18

RASPBERRY SUNDAE (NISWONGER 1972) BB 26" e-mid  Mulberry rose.  Ruffled  $8

RAVISSANT (CAYEUX 07) TB 33" mid-l pure white standards bordered light lilac.  White falls with 1/4" lilac pink border  $8

RESTART MY HEART (BLYTH 19) TB 36" e-mid Pure white standards.   Lavender wash over white falls.  1/4" well defined white edge $18

RESTLESS SPIRIT (KEPPEL 17) TB 36" e-mid veronica violet standards shading to dove grey toward edge.  Oyster falls with ecru and rosy beige blend fall hafts.  Ruffled  $10

RITZY (HAGER 04)  TB 37" mid  Brilliant yellow self with lacing.  Lighter coloring at the beards.  Ruffled lacing  $8

RUM IS THE REASON (SCHREINER 17) TB 40" mid-l   Standards grey lavender with rose infusion in the midrib.  Falls burgundy with ochre edge  Ruffled  $15

SANTA CRUZ SURF (GHIO 19) TB 40" mid-l  Icy white self color with green cast in heart and shoulders Bubble ruffled  $18

SECRET HOPES (Johnson T. 19) TB 37" late Pink standards with lavender falls. Bubble ruffled.  $18

SECRET PAST (JOHNSON 19) TB 35" late Buff gold standards, medium blue violet falls, gold splash on either side of the beards.  Bicolor Bubbled ruffled  $18

SECRET STATUS (BLYTH 15) TB 35" mid-late Champagne pink standards deepening to pink peach at midrib.  Bright burgundy red falls, black burgundy veining running down the petal with a faint 1/8" beige edge.  Very ruffled  $9

SHARE THE LOVE (GHIO 19) TB 36" mid Biscuit pink standards,  blue colored falls pinker in heart.  Bubble ruffled  $20

SHERBET BOMB (BLYTH 15) TB 34" very early Champagne cream standards. Rose pink falls
Ruffled   $9

SMOKY DUSK (KEPPEL 17" TB 39" mid Nightshade standards.  Falls are grape with lot of ruffles  $12

SNOW CREEK FALLS (SUTTON 11) TB 36" late Bright white standards with gold wire.
White falls with 1.5" violet blue band.   Ruffled  $8

SPACE SIGNAL (KEPPEL 18) TB 38" mid-l  Standards are amber white.  Fall are amber white , slightly deeper toward edge, 3/4" purple heather patch the end of beards.  Bubble ruffled.  $15

STRAWBERRY FREEZE (JOHNSON T. 12) TB 35" mid White standards with slight strawberry blending.  Rich strawberry falls with wide border of lighter strawberry to white  $8

STRAWBERRY SHAKE (KEPPEL 12) TB 36" mid Hydranagea pink standards.  Falls peach to orient pink.  Great ruffling  $8

STRUCK TWICE (LAUER 09) TB 37" e-mid  White standards with orient pink cast at midrib.  Falls are azalea pink with lighter shoulders. $8

SUNNY GLITTER (SCHREINER 19) TB 33" late  Standards pale chartreuse yellow.  Falls pale yellow washed with wisteria purple. Ruffled $12

SUNSET BOULEVARD (KEPPEL 17) TB 37" mid Light golden orange standards.  Falls light golden orange with mauve marginal band  $19

SUPERCHARGED (GHIO 19) TB 33" mid-late brassy gold standards.  Falls hot maroon red ruffled  $22

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (BACK 19) TB 32" e-mid bright yellow with large white circular patch around beards.  Bubble ruffled. $18

TRUTH OR DARE (JOHNSON T. 18) late lemon yellow standards, deeper at base. White falls with large rusty blaze.  Different pattern.  Interesting. Ruffled  $16

TRULY KISSED (BLYTH) 14) TB 35" mid  Pure white standards.  White falls with 3/4" blue violet edge. Nicely ruffled  $9

TWLIGHT RHAPSODY (JOHNSON T. 16) TB 33" white standards heavily flushed yellow up midrib.  Falls are plush burgundy velvet red with large pale violet band that is edged in lemon yellow $9

VALLEY OF DREAMS (BLYTH 15) TB 36" mid ice lavender lilac standards, infused honey gold at midribs. $9 

VISTA POINT (KEPPEL 17) TB 39" mid-l  Port wine standards, very faint chrome lemon peppering at base.  Falls are white with  1" chrome lemon patch below beard and  port wine haft,  midline and edge.  Ruffled.  $10

WIND BENEATH MY WINGS (BLACK 19) TB 33" mid-l  light flesh pink standards narrow ivory band.  Falls are light peach pink washed over light butter base with narrow light beige band.  Ruffled,  $18

WINTER'S SMILE (BLACK 16) TB 35" mid  Icy white standards, palest violet blue eyes.  Falls are icy white with pale yellow gold blush over haft.  Lots of ruffles  $8

WONDERS NEVER CEASE (BLACK 07) TB 40"  e-mid  White standards.  Falls are white with plum rose wash and a pale white border.  Ruffled.  $8 

YOU'RE GORGEOUS (BLYTH 15) TB e-mid cream honey standards.  Falls lavender blue lightening toward center  $9