(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdg. No. 06-023-1. Tall bearded 36" Midseason ((Kisses Like Wine x Decadence) X ((Local Color x Gallant Theme) x (Romantic Evening x Gallant Theme)) x Ghio 98-3F: (Vizier slg. x Starring)) Some will call it a neglecta, others a blue, dark red bicolor, but what ever it is called it is wonderful. Big flower with very interesting standards. Although the overall standard color is blue violet, the edge is the thing. In warm weather, such as when the above photo was taken, the edge is tan and just under a fourth of an inch wide. In cooler springs it is both wider and darker. The falls are plush and velvety dark, dark red. Excellent branching and bud count. $8.00
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