(Fred Kerr 2014) Sdlg. No. 03-042-1. Tall bearded 32" Midseason (Come Running X Louisa's Song) The broken color pattern can show up in nearly any cross, but this variety came from a cross get just the result pictured: tangerine beards, large flower size and modern form. The pod parent, Come Running was a yellow ground with broken brown markings and yellow beards. I had planned the cross that produced Come Running to introduce tangerine beards into my broken color line. I knew the seedlings produced from the cross would have yellow beards, but carry the tangerine gene. I wanted the mate for Coming Running to have tangerine beards and strong blue or lavender coloring. Louisa's Song was perfect. Only about 1 in 25 seedlings from broken color crosses show the broken color pattern and Mint Mark was the first seedling from the cross to bloom. The markings are extremely variable in extent. Some flowers seem to be mauve pink with no markings, but closer inspection usually finds a tell tale red-violet splash. Other flowers are heavily marked. An attention getter for sure. $8.00
Mint Mark