Fred Kerr or Kelly Mitchell
BOX 2191

Ordering Information

     Our state inspected garden is located in Northern California.  Our soil is a clay loam that the daylilies like very well.  I use crop rotation to keep the soil healthy.  We get sustained cold during the winter with many nights of frost.  I have yet to have a dormant not perform well for me.  They do get enough cold.  We grow about every kind of deciduous fruit tree and they do very well.  We have shipped plants to Ohio, Wisconsin,  Kansas. Utah, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and various other "cold winter"  states.  The plants have acclimated very well to these regions so don't be afraid to try us because you think the plants come from too warm a climate.  

 We ship priority mail unless otherwise requested . I have had to raise my shipping charges as priority mail rates have gone up significantly as they have done away with their discounts for printing labels and postage through their web site.  There is a $17.00 shipping fee plus 1.00 per plant  for west of Mississippi River.  East of the Mississippi it is $17.00 plus $1.50 per plant.  Plants are shipped Priority Mail.  The Postal Service has raised rate again this year.  It is becoming very expensive to ship.    Our shipping dates are from April 15th, weather permitting, to September 15th.   Minimum order is $35.00 exclusive of tax and shipping charges. 

  Plants will be freshly dug and of blooming size. Single fans will be sent on those so indicated.  All other varieties will be double fans or better. You will be hard pressed to find lower prices on a lot of these daylilies.  Bonus is ultimately my choice but if you send a good, long wish list your chances of getting a bonus you request are very good. I  will substitute only if so instructed. If you do allow substitutions, you will find I always substitute of equal or greater value -- usually greater. California residents please include 7.50% sales tax. We accept checks or money orders. We can accept orders
through Paypal. Our Paypal address is
You do not have to register with paypal to send a payment.  You just need a credit card.