ADRIATIC NOBLE (KEPPEL 17) TB 38" em bubbled ruffled deep concord purple $10

ALL ASHORE (BLACK 13) TB 34" m-ml green ecru standards, mid-violet blue falls $8

ALMOST FAMOUS (BLYTH 15) BB 22" e-mid creamy white standards medium apricot falls $8

BAJA BLUE (SCHREINER 06) TB 36" mid medium blue ruffled self $8

BANDWITH (SUTTON 09) TB 36" e can rebloom Mimosa yellow standards, violet blue falls
large red purple band $8

BALTIC SEA (JOHNSON T. 08) TB l medium marine blue self. Bubble ruffling $8

BASHFUL LOVE (BLYTH 14) TB 34" ve bubble ruffled with white standards and soft pink falls $8

BESERK  (JOHNSON T. ) TB 30" Mid White standards.  White falls with violet veins radiating from center of falls ending with precise white band Bubble ruffled  $8

BESIDE MYSELF (BLYTH 16) TB 35" mid Plicata with lemon yellow standards.  Falls are cream white with 3/8" rose brown stitched edge. Ruffled $8

BILLOWING WAVES (KEPPEL 15) TB 34" mid-l Cool white standards. Falls are blue purple with 1/4" pale blue edge. Bubble Ruffled $8

BLACK LIPSTICK (KEPPEL) TB 35" e-mid bubbled ruffled black purple standards, black falls $9

BLAME IT ON RIO (SUTTON 16) TB  37" e-mid Cantaloupe standards, white falls bleeding to red violet with plum band $8

BLIND AMBITION (KEPPEL 15) TB 38" mid Martius  yellow standards, oyster white falls with yellow band. Bubbled ruffled $8

BLUEBERRY BLISS (SCHREINER 04) TB 40" e-mid Medium blue ruffled self $8

BOMBASTIC (BLYTH 18) TB 36" mid-l Golden yellow standards, smooth rich burgundy falls. Ruffled variegata $16

BOONDOGGLE (KEPPEL 17) BB 26" mid-l 26" saffron pink standards peach falls washed wisteria $12

BOSTON CREAM (KEPPEL 14) TB e warm white standards and falls with apricot shoulders $8 

BRASS LAMP (KEPPEL 18) TB 35" e-mid brass standards flushed mauve, dandelion yellow falls $15

BRATISLAVAN PRINCE (MEGO 10) TB 31"  mid-l light orchid lavender standards with cream brown border.  Falls are dark blue purple. Ruffled $8

BREAK IN (BLACK 19) TB 37" mid-l white standards randomly splashed mid red violet.  Falls are white in center to mid cantaloupe randomly streaked red purple Ruffled $18

BREAK TRADITION (JOHNSON T. 18) pristine white standards, white falls with wide deep violet lines extending  from beards to near edge with a lavender white band $15

BRING ME DIAMONDS (BLYTH 15) TB 36" clear lemon standards, cream falls with gold hafts $10

BROUHAHA (GHIO 12) TB e apricot peach standards, white falls with rosy purple band $8

BESIDE MYSELF (BLYTH 16 ) TB 35 Plicate with lemon standards.  Falls are cream with rose brown stitched edge. Ruffled $10

CATCH THE FEVER (Keppel 18) TB 34" e-mid Rubient red standards, with red maroon falls $15

CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE (GHIO 19) TB 34" mid-l white standards deep royal purple with large white starburst  Ruffled  $22

CHAMPAGNE DREAM (JOHNSON T. 19) TB 37" mid  standards light pink deepening to salmon pink in center.  Falls are medium mauve, darker texture lines and narrow light pink edge Ruffled  $20

CHAOS THEORY (BLYTH 15) TB m 34" ruffled flat iris mid violet with large white area around the beards covering a third of the fall area.$9

CINDERELLA'S SECRET (BLYTH 12) TB very early buff cream standards with violet infusion.  Falls are apricot with a 1/4" deeper edge.  Ruffled $9

CLEAN ENERGY (KEPPEL 18) TB 440" mid-l Pinard yellow standards. Falls are lemon white with 1/4" light lemon edge.  Bubble ruffled $10

COOL RESPONSE (BLYTH 15) TB 34" e-mid bubble ruffled pure white standards,  white fall with 3/4" blended lavender blue edge $9

COLOURS OF THE WIND (BLYTH 14) TB 34" e-mid White standards.  Falls are cream overlay of apricot beige and further overlay of light violet. Ruffled. $8

COW PATTY (BURSEEN 14) TB 36" mid-l Brown standards, henna falls  $8

CUBS WIN IT (SCHREINER 17) TB 37" mid white standards flushed blue at base, bright medium blue falls lighter at center $10

CRIMSON CLOUD (SCHREINER 10) TB 36" e-mid  white standards with salmon midrib.  Falls are purple with 1/2" outer border. Ruffled$8

CYBER GRAPE (SCHREINER 16) TB 42" mid ruffled purple bitone $10

DARK UNIVERSE (KEPPEL 14)TB 36" mid-l Concord standards with blue white edge.  Falls velvety concord falls with minute blue white edge and white are beside beards.  Luminata  Ruffled $24

DASH OF BURGUNDY (BLYTH 14) TB 36" mid-l Burgundy brown, more magenta towards center of falls.  Bubble ruffled $9

DASHING SQUIRE (Blyth 14) TB 34" e-mid Lilac standards, deep rich violet falls, bubble  ruffling $9

DEVIL'S INTENT(BLYTH 16) TB 36" e-mid ruffled bicolor  soft lavender standards, rose brown falls $10

EASY ON THE EYES (JOHNSON T. 19) TB 36" e-mid  Standards blended lavender, violet and peach, deeper violet center shading, tips peach. Falls  light mauve with medium orange edge.  Ruffled  $18

EDGE OF HEAVEN (JOHNSON T. 13) TB 36" mid  Standards white, light gold banded edge.  Falls large white large white spot with transitioning to washed mid red-purple band to wider darker wine band.  Ruffled $8 

ENRAPTURED (SCHREINER 16) TB 40" mid-l Dusky lavender standards saffron buff falls $10

EXPLODING GALAXY (GHIO 16) TB 30" e-mid  Standards very dark wine-purple lighter towards biscuit edge.  Falls very dark purple black velvet overlay Ruffled $10

FOREIGN AGENT (KEPPEL 16) TB l yellow ivory standards, lobelia blue falls with tan edge.  Very ruffled  $8

FREE TO DREAM (BLYTH 14)  TB 33" re mid Standards buff to honey yellow.  Falls pastel lilac with 3/8" lemon edge. Broad burgundy band running across top of fall.  Bubble ruffled  $9

FRENCH BUTTERFLY (BLYTH 14) TB 35" e-mid  white standards, white falls with 3/4" violet stitching deeping to black violet.  Plicata  $9 

FULL DISCLOSURE (Johnson T. 13)  TB 36" mid ruffled flat Lavender self $8

FULL OF HOPE (JOHNSON T. 18) TB 36" late Standards pearl lavender with central pink flush.  Falls are light lavender to pink.  Bubble ruffled lace $15

FUTURE BRIDE (BLYTH 15) TB 37" mid  Standards are coral salmon.  Falls are white with 1/4" coral salmon edge  $9

F. X. SCHREINER (SCHREINER 15) TB 40" mid-l  Silver violet standards.  Purple violet falls ruffled  $9

GAME CHANGER (KEPPEL 18) TB mid Buff apricot standards, Slate purple falls $16

GALWAY PIPER (BLYTH 150 TB 40" mid peach salmon standards, lilac pink falls bubble ruffling $10 

GEM TRADER (BLYTH 19)  TB 35" e-mid  soft lilac standards with 1/4" buff pink edge, light burgundy falls 1/4" muted gold edge $22

GHIRARDELLI SQUARE (KEPPEL 16) TB 38" e-mid brazil brown and horsechestnut standards, white falls with 3/8" purple chocolate solid plicata  $10

GOING BIG TIME (GHIO 14) TB 35" l white standards, deep royal purple fall edges bleed into white starburst  $8

HANDFUL OF MAGIC (BLYTH 16) TB early  standards white with slight flush of pink.  Falls are uniform medium salmon ruffled   $10

HERE COMES THE NIGHT (SCHREINER 09) TB e-mid ruffled black  $8

HOW WONDERFUL (JOHNSON T. 19" TB early Violet standards blended flesh and salmon pink.  Falls are antique rose pink.  Ruffled $20

HUCKLEBERRY SUNDAE (JOHNSON T.) TB e mulberry red plicata standards,  white falls with deep mulberry black plicata border  $8

IDLE RICH (KEPPEL 16)TB 36" mid  chartreuse yellow standards, mid yellow falls,  very ruffled  $8 

JUNGLE MIST (BLACK 16) TB 35" e-mid Standards are icy blue upper half washed chartreuse.  Falls are mid tan chartreuse with paler rim  $9

JUST WITCHERY (BLYTH 11) TB 35" mid Standards of Orchid pink over champagne.  Fall light rose magenta with 1/4" orchid pink edge.  Very ruffled.  $9

IMPERIAL GUARD (KEPPEL 17) TB 38" l quince yellow standards, dark red purple falls with 1/4" sandalwood edge bubble ruffled  $12

INSTANT ATTRACTION  (BLACK 19) TB 33" mid-l  Light lavender standards with slight bronze at midrib.  Falls bright yellow gold center blended to mid copper blended band  $18

INTERSTELLAR (SUTTON) TB 16 e-mid pale yellow standards, with falls with 1.5" red violet band with a 1/4" greyed orange edge ruffled $10

JEALOUS GUY (BLYTH 11) TB 37" coffe tan standards, coffee cream falls with bright lavender blaze below the beards ruffled $9

JUST A KISS AWAY (BAUMUNK 09) TB 44" mid light yellow standards pink blush in center when fresh, light yellow falls blending to medium yellow at edges and hafts $8

KISS ME ALLOVER (BLYTH 18) TB mid-l  softest orchid standards pink flush at midrib, soft orchid to palest lavender falls ruffled  $14

LADY OF THE NIGHT (BLACK 08) BB 27" late-very late Dark royal purple standards.  Falls are black-purple  $8

LEAVE ME BREATHLESS (JOHNSON T.) TB 37" mid Standards are white.  Falls are white with deep purple lines becoming a wash in the center and ending with wide white edge ruffled  $20

MAIN STREET (LAUER 09) TB 37" e-mid Lilac standards with plum purple midrib.  Falls are jet black ruffled  $8

MANGO MELTDOWN (SUTTON 16) TB 38" mid to very late  peach pink standards, pale lavender blue falls blending into lavender pink band.  Emma Cook pattern  ruffled  $10

MANGO RHYTHM (BLYTH 14) TB 34" e-mid bubble ruffled mid orange  $9

MARGIN CALL (KEPPEL 17) TB mid absinthe yellow standards, oyster white falls with 5/8" concord purple edge and 1/8" darker red outer band bubble ruffled  $10

MARITAL BLISS (KEPPEL 17) TB 36" mid standards peach.  Falls paling lighter.  Bubble ruffled  $12

MASTER AT ARMS (BLYTH 13) TB 38" mid  Mulberry self with 1/2" lavender blaze below beards ruffled  $9

MAYBE MAGIC (BLYTH 16) TB 34" e-mid muted lilac and rose standards, soft coppery apricot falls, buff wire edge  ruffled  $10

METEORITE (SUTTON 16) TB e-mid yellow standards, white falls with 2" bright red violet band with black highlights,  outer 1'4" greyed orange edge. ruffled  $10

MILK IN MY COFFEE (BLYTH 15) TB very early will rebloom. white standards, mid brown falls  $8

MIXED SIGNALS (KEPPEL 16) TB e-mid pale lavender standards 3/4" inch brown border, dark purple falls  $10

MOLO KINI (SUTTON 16)TB 38" e-mid cinnamon standards violet blue highlights, gold edge.
Violet Blue falls with 1"almond shell rim  $8

MORE PLEASE (KEPPEL 16) TB 34"  e-mid pastel lilac standards with peach infusion in midribs.  Falls are rose tan with 1/4" lilac edge. Ruffled  $10

MORNING WORLD (SCHREINER 17) TB 40" e-mid Lavender Orchid self  $15

MUSICAL CHAIRS (KEPPEL 19) TB 36" e-mid Peach standards, creamier toward edge.  Falls lavender blue with narrow buff cream suffused edge. $20

MUSICALITY (GHIO 19) TB 36" mid-l   Standards alabaster pink with deep coral at base and up midrib.  Falls are alabaster pink with deeper edges.  Ruffled  $20

MYSTERIOSO (BLYTH 13) TB 36" e-midOpalescent off white standards with lemon flush and lemon edge. Rich royal violet falls with 1/4" red brown band  $9

NIGHT'S EDGE (SUTTON 16) TB 34" mid-l  white standards with 1/4" golden brown edge.
Midnight blue falls with thin near black dark plum edge  $9