French Lessons

.All About Spring
Amber Rainbow
Ancient Charm
Bertha  Brownlee
Angels Abound
Betty Ford
Between Dreams
Bohemian Garnets 
Blue Rapture
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bold Vision
Bronze Warrior
Calling All Angels
Cause for Celebration
Chocolate Halo
Christiana Baker
2021 Fred Kerr Iris General Listing

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Connoisseur's  Choice
Cosmic Blast
Cosmic Elegance
Creative Urge
Dark Icon
Coronal Light
Desiner's Art
Diva Dreams
Dream You
Ginny Mitchell
Key to My Heart
Glacier Fire
Greatest Show on Earth
Gypsy Kisses
Home Style
Honor Flight
Jeanne Clay Plank
Kachina Dancer
Kathy Chilton
Kevin's Theme
Lavender Cascade
Lena Baker
Lynn Williams
Magic Raiment
Mango Queen
Mary Contrary
.Mint Mark
Modern Drama
Modern Era
Moon Spirit
Nessun Dorma
New Perspective
Orange Portal
Palace Beauty
Precious Halo
Queen's Circle
Rainbow Shadows
Ray Dale Kerr
.Return to Oz
.Sapphire Halo
Sapphire Lace
Singular Sensation 
Spring Awakening
Spring Bliss
                    Tiger Play